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Homeless and rough sleeping

Homeless and Rough Sleeping Panel

If you're looking for somewhere to live or worried about losing your accommodation, it's important to talk to the council as soon as possible, as we can provide help, advice, and support to prevent you from becoming homeless.

At risk of becoming homeless

The council can:

  • help you find a home (social or private)
  • help you with private rented accommodation by working with you and your landlord to resolve any tenancy issues (benefit problems, legal notices or poor housing conditions)
  • check to see if you're eligible for a deposit guarantee (a written agreement in place of a cash deposit) to help you into private rented accommodation
  • check to see if you're eligible for any housing benefits to help pay part or all of your rent
  • help you deal with legal issues if your landlord has applied for a possession order
  • talk to your friends and relatives if they've asked you to leave your accommodation
  • make referrals to supported accommodation
  • give you advice about local support and services if you're sleeping rough

For more information please email or call 01752 668000.

View an A to Z Directory of homeless and rough sleeping-related groups and organisations

Homeless support and services in Plymouth

Worried about someone sleeping rough?

If you're sleeping rough and need help, please email or call 01752 668000.

If you're concerned about someone sleeping rough, let the council know through StreetLink.

Rough sleeping support and services in Plymouth

Plymouth Access to Housing (PATH)

PATH helps people on the streets in Plymouth get into accommodation. PATH also offers a range of services to reduce and prevent homelessness.

To contact PATH, please call 01752 255889 or visit the PATH website.


Shekinah offers rough sleeper advice services, shower and laundry facilities, and a healthy breakfast.

To contact Shekinah, please call 01752 203480 or visit the Shekinah website.


Shelter gives free, expert advice on homelessness, rent arrears, and what to do if your rented home is in need of repair.

They can also help with free, confidential legal advice for anyone eligible for legal aid.

To contact Shelter, please call 03301 755 121 or visit the Shelter website.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army offers hostel accommodation for single people with support needs. All age groups are accepted.

To contact the Salvation Army, please call 01752 668000 or email

Plymouth Soup Run

The Plymouth Soup Run provides free food and hot drinks to people in need every day.

To contact the Plymouth Soup Run, please call 01752 404134 or visit the Plymouth Soup Run website.

There are also places for homeless people to eat free food every day in Plymouth. The Next Meal is a website that lists local places for free food.

View an A to Z Directory of homeless and rough sleeping-related groups and organisations

Financial advice and assistance

The following organisations can provide financial advice and assistance:



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