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What is the Plymouth Inclusion Charter?

The Plymouth Inclusion Charter was shaped through a one-off event held in March 2020. The purpose of the event was to enable the greatest number of people to share their thoughts, experiences and ideas about the values and innovations that they believe contribute to inclusive participation. At the event were representatives from Education, Health, Care, Housing, IASS (PIAS), the third sector, the parent carer forum-Plymouth Parent Carer Voice (PPCV) and of course families. A further shaping exercise with draft materials was carried out with Youth Ascends in the following month.

The purpose of the Charter is to define and agree on a set of principles. The principles fall under the three key areas, which are Safe, Valued and Respected. The agreed principles provide a common reference point for all agencies and settings in the local area for the benefit of parents/carers, children, young people and the wider community. The Plymouth Inclusion Charter is a cornerstone of co-production in Plymouth.

The Plymouth Inclusion Charter will sit alongside several strategies and practice standards documents across different agencies. For example, within education, the Plymouth Inclusion Charter will work in tandem with the Graduated Approach to Inclusion, a document that sets out practice standards for supporting children and young people in schools and early years settings. 

Commitment to the Plymouth Inclusion Charter

Following on from a successful pilot where a small number of schools had an opportunity to evaluate their practice against set criteria, the following framework provides settings with an opportunity to consider the meaning of inclusion in its widest sense. It also channels settings to reflect upon the principles and what this means to them. It is our hope that by completing this document and making your action plan that you are confidently signing up to the ethos of the Charter. This plan will then be reviewed in two years.

Schools and settings that have signed up to the Plymouth Inclusion Charter

Early Years Settings

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Special schools

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Plymouth's Local Offer is organised into four main categories covering the following age ranges:

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