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Refuge4Pets needs your help

Refuge4Pets is an incredible service serving Devon and Cornwall that provide foster care to pets of victims of domestic abuse, so that someone can flee without fear of harm to the animal.

Currently, the charity is particularly looking for:

  • People who can take cats and keep cats inside for the duration of their stay in foster care
  • People who can take large breed dogs
  • People who can take dogs that need to be the only animal in the home.

When escaping to a refuge, or other emergency accommodation, it is very rare that someone can take their pet with them, especially if it's a large pet. Therefore, many remain in their abusive situation.

Since starting in August 2017, Refuge for pets have helped more than 250 individuals and families escape domestic abuse by fostering nearly 400 animals, mostly cats and dogs, but also horses, snakes, rabbits, birds.

Victims of domestic abuse often have to flee with nothing, so Refuge4Pets supply everything that the animals need, including veterinary treatment, pet food, and bedding.

Whilst the victim will never know where their pet is placed for the safety of the pet and the foster carer, Refuge4Pets will liaise between the foster carer and the pet owner on a regular basis, providing updates on the progress of the pet, and often share photos or videos.

Anyone can make a referral to the service. These must be made by either calling 0300 4000 121, or by using the online referral form.

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