Did you know that mediation is now the first step in resolving any dispute about the arrangements for a child, including contact and residence disputes?

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Address:21 Phoenix Street
Telephone number: 0800 061 4905 / 01752 396584

It is no longer possible to apply to court about Family problems without first meeting with a Qualified Family Mediator for a MIAM - Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. The initial meeting takes place with each parent on their own.

At the MIAM, the Qualified Mediators will help you as the parents to understand all of the benefits of mediating as an alternative to conflict and to avoid the need for expensive and unpleasant court proceedings.

Children 1st are the only city-based specialist Qualified Accredited Family Mediators who are trained to support separating couples resolve issues for their children including:

  • Resolve issues about contact
  • Where and with whom they will live
  • Make decisions about schools, religion or other important issues and any
  • Financial issues resulting from the ending of a relationship including Pensions, property and maintenance

We are also specialists in child-centred Family Mediation and are qualified to involved children as part of the mediation process. Only a few mediators in the South West are qualified to do this.

With your permission, the Mediator will arrange to speak to your child (Child Inclusive Mediation) and ensuring their views are heard in the Mediation. In our experience, this helps parents in making decisions in the best interests of their children.

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We specialise in:

  • Domestic Abuse Cases
  • Child Protection Cases
  • Parents in high conflict
  • Child centred, Child focused Mediation
  • Children will be enabled to have their voice heard in Mediation by a specially trained Mediator
  • Significant experience of working with adults with learning disabilities
  • We are able to work cross cultural and across borders- i.e. where one parent does not live locally or indeed even in this country.
Price: Please contact us for information about our costs
Based: Plymouth
Parents, carers or other family members who would like to consider mediation can refer themselves.
  • Everyone, regardless of age

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