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Paying for your care

Once you've had a needs assessment and the council has agreed you are eligible for support we'll work out your personal budget, which is how much we think it will cost to buy the care you need.

How much you pay

Depending on your situation, you may need to pay towards the cost of your care and support, or pay for it in full.

The council will work out how much you'll have to pay towards your care using a financial assessment. We'll ask you about your savings, investments and income. If you have more than £23,250 in savings and investments you'll have to pay the full cost of your care. We don't include the value of your house in the assessment unless you're moving into a care home.

Find out whether you may need to pay for your care

Adult Social Care Charging Policy (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

You should get independent financial advice to help you decide how to pay long term care costs and make sure you're claiming all the benefits and allowances you can.

Paying for your care

If you need to pay for your care and support we'll tell you:

  • how much we'll pay towards your care
  • how much you need to pay
  • how you pay it

We can arrange and pay for your care and support for you, and send you an invoice for the amount that you have to pay. Or you can choose to arrange the support you need, and receive the money from us as a direct payment to pay towards the cost.

Pay your care invoice online

If you're moving into a care home, you might be able to use the value of your home to help pay your care costs using something called a deferred payment. We help to pay your care home bills now and you repay us later when you decide to sell your home, or we can be paid back after your death. 

How to appeal a decision

You can only appeal on the grounds that the information used to assess your contribution is incorrect or if you have disability related expenditure which is in excess of the 30 per cent disregard of your Disability Living Allowance.

Appeal against the assessed contribution towards your care

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