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Amber Initiatives

Amber Initiatives provides practical assistance to migrant workers from EU countries, helping them to comply with the UK legislation and solve their complex problems.

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Address:9A The Crescent
Telephone number: 07873 738 828
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The objectives of the company are:

  • The provision of a high quality information, advice and guidance service, also providing practical support and skills assessment and development of people from disadvantaged background.
  • To facilitate where possible the integration of migrant workers with the host community, promoting social inclusion and community cohesion.
  • To identify both beneficial and problematic issues arising from migration to the UK.
  • To work in partnership with appropriate statutory, private and voluntary agencies to achieve common aims in building inclusive society.

Amber Initiatives's mission is to bring about change to improve the lives of people facing severe and multiple disadvantage. By this we mean people who are experiencing a combination of severe social harms such as poverty, discrimination, social exclusion, racism, and abuse. The company's activities focus on reducing isolation of migrants and their vulnerability, promoting integration and community cohesion.

Vision of Amber Initiatives is to contribute to the development of a participative, tolerant and inclusive society, free from discrimination, racism and extremism, through education, culture, social inclusion and community engagement.

The Information, Advice and Guidance Service is Amber's core operations, and provided via a well-established drop-in centre which is a hub for community activity.

We provide advice and consultancy support on a wide range of issues including Employment, Housing, Finance and Benefit advice, Education and Health-related advice.

The organisation currently has over 6,500 service users. We are part of the professional sector that works with immigration, integration and community cohesion, with strong links to statutory bodies and other support structures. Amber has a proud record of cross-sector and partnership working.

Referral Details: Migrant workers, Open Access

Price: No cost
Based: Plymouth
  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old

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