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Children's playgrounds in Plymouth

Children Playgrounds In Plymouth Panel

A children's playground is a place where children can play and have fun. It is usually outdoors and has equipment such as slides, swings, climbing frames, and sandpits. Playgrounds can also have other features such as benches, picnic tables, and water fountains.

Parks are similar to playgrounds, but they are usually larger and have more features. Parks can have playgrounds, but they can also have other things such as ponds, trees, walking paths, and sports fields. Parks are a great place for families to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors.

Plymouth has over 140 playgrounds that are suitable for a range of ages and abilities.



LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Aylesbury CrescentMixed agesYesYes
Bodmin Road, Whitleigh ValleyMixed agesYesYes
Kirkwall RoadMixed agesYesYes
Lancaster GardensMixed agesYesYes
Milford Lane and FlatsMixed agesYesYes
Norwich AvenueMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Hartley ParkMixed agesYes and noYes
Trefusis ParkMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Devonport ParkMixed agesYesYes
Granby GreenJuniorsYesNo
Herbert StreetMixed agesYesYes
John StreetJuniorsYesNo
Marlborough Primary School, DevonportJuniorsYesNo (tyre swing only)
Marlborough Street, DevonportJuniorsYesNo
Mount Wise Pool Area, DevonportMixed agesYesNo
Mount Wise - Adizone, DevonportSeniorsYesNo
North Down Playing Field, KeyhamMixed agesYesYes
Ordnance Street, DevonportMixed agesYesNo
Parkside, KeyhamJuniorsN/AYes
Raglan Gardens, DevonportMixed agesYesNo
Wolseley Road Flats, KeyhamMixed agesYesYes

Efford and Lipson

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Efford Valley - Natural PlayMixed agesNoNo
Douglass RoadMixed agesYesNo
Lipson Vale playgroundMixed agesYesNo
Manifold Gardens playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Severn Place playgroundJuniorsYesYes
Thames Gardens playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Torridge Way car parkMixed agesYesNo
Yeo Close open spaceMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Bladder MeadowMixed agesYesYes
Cameron WayMixed agesYesYes
Culbin GreenMixed agesYesYes
Shallowford Open SpaceToddlersYes and noYes
Trewithy Court, WideyMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Abbottsbury Way/CleeveJuniorsYesYes
Cookworthy RoadMixed agesYesYes
Dovedale RoadMixed agesYesYes
Greatlands Crescent ball games areaAllN/ANo
Springhill Green playground, PennycrossMixed agesYesNo
St Pancras Avenue playground, PennycrossMixed agesYesNo
Weston Mill playground, Weston MillMixed agesYesNo
Wordsworth Road, North ProspectMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Blake GardensMixed agesYesYes
Chard BartonMixed agesYesYes
Ernesettle GreenMixed agesYesYes
Knowle Battery playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Maidstone Place open space, ErnesettleMixed agesYesYes
Shakespeare RoadMixed agesYesYes
Tamar Playground/Duncombe AvenueMixed agesYesYes
Wanstead GroveMixed agesNoNo
Whitleigh Way open spaceMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Arnside CloseMixed agesYesYes
Dockray CloseMixed agesYesYes
Glenholt Open SpaceMixed agesYesYes
Leigham Open SpaceMixed agesYesPart fenced
Miller Way Open Space, EstoverMixed agesYesYes
Pattinson Drive Playground, MainstoneMixed agesYesNo
Penrith Gardens and Playground, EstoverMixed agesYesYes
Rydal Close and Playgrounds, EstoverMixed agesYesYes
Wasdale Close Playgrounds, EstoverMixed agesYesYes
Wasdale Gardens Playgrounds, EstoverMixed agesYesYes

Mount Gould

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Astor Playing FieldMixed agesYesYes
Freedom FieldsMixed agesYesYes
Lipstone CrescentToddlersYesYes
Mount Gould ParkMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Burleigh Manor playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Central ParkMixed agesYesYes
Mutley Park and Enclosure, MannameadMixed agesYesYes
Pounds House and ParkMixed agesYesYes

Plympton Erle

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Plympton St Mary's Playing Field and PlaygroundMixed agesYesYes
St Maurice Road Playground, PlymptonMixed agesYesYes
Yealmpstone Farm Open Space and Playground, PlymptonMixed agesYesNo

Plympton Chaddlewood

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Bellingham CrescentMixed agesYesYes
Chaddlewood open spaceJuniorsPartNo
Downfield WayMixed agesYesYes
Glenhaven CloseMixed agesYesYes
Summerlands Close playground, PlymptonMixed agesYesYes

Plympton St Marys

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Boringdon CloseMixed agesYesYes
Chaddlewood Community Centre/playgroundMixed agesYesNo
Newnham ParkMixed agesYesYes and no
Peacock Meadow Skate ParkMixed agesN/ANo
Rashleigh Avenue Open SpaceMixed agesYesYes
Woodford PlaygroundMixed agesYesNo

Plymstock Dunstone

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Blackstone open spaceMixed agesYesYes
King George V playing fieldMixed agesYesYes
Lower Park DriveMixed agesYesYes
Southern Way playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Southgate Avenue open spaceMixed agesYesYes
Tilly CloseMixed agesYesYes

Plymstock Radford

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Dean CrossMixed agesYes and noYes
Hooe ForeshoreMixed agesYes and noNo
Oreston RecreationMixed agesYesYes
Plymstock BroadwayMixed agesYesNo
South Hill playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Well Field, Admirals Reach, Mount BattenMixed agesYesYes
Wrens Gate, Robbins WayToddlersYesNo


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Bamfylde WayMixed agesYesYes
Boulter CloseJuniorsYesYes
Beverston Millenium GreenToddlersYesNo
Dunnet RoadToddlersYesYes
Frontfield CrescentMixed agesYesNo
Hessary Drive/Staple CloseMixed agesYesYes
Ingra WalkMixed agesYesYes
Kinnaird CrescentMixed agesYesNo
Langley CrescentMixed agesYesYes
Pendeen Crescent play area and open spaceMixed agesYesNo
Prestonbury Close open spaceMixed agesYesNo
Tamerton Foliot playgroundMixed agesYesNo

St Budeaux

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Cayley WayMixed agesYesYes
Foulston AvenueMixed agesYesYes
Kings Tamerton playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Kit Hill playgroundMixed agesYesNo
Mount Tamar RecMixed agesYesNo
Saltash PassageMixed agesYesYes
Seacroft Road playgroundToddlersYesYes
Weston Mill playground (Camels Head Park)Mixed agesYesNo

St Peter

LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Edgcumbe HouseMixed agesYesYes
Flora CourtMixed agesYesYes
High Street/Peel Street FlatsMixed agesYesYes
Mount WiseMixed agesYesYes
Neswick StreetMixed agesYesYes
Ordanance StreetToddlersYesNo
Patna Place playgroundMixed agesYesNo
Raglan Gardens playgroundMixed agesYesYes
Strand StreetMixed agesYesYes
Union Place Stonehouse (Adelaide Street)Mixed agesYesYes
Victoria ParkMixed agesYesNo


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
BlockhouseMixed agesYesYes
Penlee Valley Eco ParkMixed agesYes and noYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Beaumont ParkMixed agesYesYes
Buckwell StreetMixed agesYesNo
New George StreetMixed agesYesNo
Pier StreetMixed agesYesYes
Radford AvenueMixed agesYesYes
Teats Hill open spaceMixed agesYesYes
Tothill ParkMixed agesYesYes
White Friars Lane, St JudesMixed agesYesYes


LocationSuitable forSafety surfaceDog proof fencing
Burleigh ManorMixed agesYesYes
Pounds HouseMixed agesYesYes
Springhill GreenMixed agesYesYes
St Pancras Avenue playgroundMixed agesYesYes




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