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Plymouth's Young Carers Support Hub provides useful information and links to help our young carers provide amazing support to their friends, family, and relatives. 

If you're under 18 and looking after a family member or friend who is ill, disabled, or suffers from problematic substance use, get in touch to find out what kind of help you and your family can get.

To find out what help you can get, email or call 07899 950 155.

A qualified youth worker from Plymouth City Council will be able to have a chat with you about how your caring role affects you and what support is available. They might talk to you about:

  • your life and wellbeing
  • your education, training or work
  • activities you take part in or want to take part in
  • your physical, mental and emotional health

If you're eligible for help, we'll agree with you on what support you need and how your needs will be met.

Young Adult Carers Service

The Young Adult Carers Service, run by Improving Lives Plymouth, supports unpaid carers aged 18-25 and offers 1:1 support, monthly drop-ins, and a free monthly activity.

They run a friendly and supportive network that enables young adult carers to socialise with others in a similar situation, and this includes:

  • Two drop-in sessions per month, refreshments and snacks provided
  • One-to-one support, including carer assessments
  • Free monthly activities
  • Support with employability and education 

All our support and social events are free, but you do need to register with us.

Find out more about the Young Adult Carers Service


How do I know if I am a carer? - Young Carers

A young carer is someone aged 18 and under who cares for a friend or family member.

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Young Carers Assessment - Young Carers

If you're under 18 and looking after someone then check what support you might be able to get.

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Support - Young Carers

Whatever support you need, there are organisations in Plymouth that can help you.

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Your rights as a carer - Young Carers

A young carer's assessment can determine whether it's appropriate for you to care for someone else, and takes into account whether you want to be a carer.

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Health and wellbeing - Young Carers

If you're a young carer, friends and relatives are often the first people to turn to for help with problems.

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Education, employment and training - Young Carers

Young carers and their families have specific rights under the Children and Families Act (2014) and Care Act (2014).

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Friendship and socialising - Young Carers

Plymouth's Youth Service is a great place to meet new friends and share your thoughts.

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Growing up - Young Carers

Support to help you as you grow up and get older.

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How to get involved - Young Carers

Have a go at lots of fun activities like cooking, arts and crafts, sports, pool or gaming or just chill out!

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Newsletters, updates and documents - Young Carers

Plymouth Young Carers newsletters, updates and useful documents.

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