As a parent of a child new to the school, we hope you will see our partnership grow together over time. We are privileged to have your child in our care. We believe that, in working together, we give your child the best possible foundation to help them grow into happy, confident, independent adults of the future.

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Address:Thornbury Primary School
Miller Way
Telephone number: 01752 302600
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We hope you will support your child with homework, ask them about their learning and that you will come to parents' consultations and other school events. We will keep in regular communication through newsletters and meetings in which we discuss your child's progress. We know that if a parent takes an active interest in their child's education, the child is likely to do better at school, therefore we value the part you will play in this process.

We encourage our children to have self-confidence. We will endeavour to encourage and nurture your child's skills and to work on their skills that are less strong. We hope you will support us in celebrating your child's achievements and encouraging them to develop a wide range of skills. 

We expect pupils and adults to show respect for others. Good manners and courtesy never go out of fashion, and consequently, we trust you will support us in matters of conduct and discipline: we aim to demonstrate to children how to behave by being positive role models, and by fostering a secure climate of warmth and fairness.


We are very proud to have an inclusive environment within school and use consistent approaches throughout the school.

  • All pupils in school receive high quality teaching. This means that a range of teaching and learning styles are used and that appropriate learning objectives are set for all children, matched to their individual needs.
  • We offer a wide range of approaches to learning for children with additional needs, which are personalised to the child
  • Child-centred approach -this means that we focus on the child as an individual, encourage children and their parents/carers to express their feelings and be a part of the decision-making process, and tailor support to the needs of the individual child.
  • Within each year group, classes are supported by Teaching Assistants, who can support small group work or intervention programmes where needed. Children are supported by the teacher and Teaching Assistant at different times across the weekly timetable.
  • All our Meal Time Assistants know our children extremely well and are available at lunch time to support their needs. At the end of every lunchtime they spend time feeding back to the class teacher any issues or matters they feel the teacher should be aware of. 
Local offer age bands
  • Primary - 5 to 11 years

  • Specialist Support Centre for Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

    • We have the Specialist Support Centre for Developmental Language Disorder (previously known as Specific Language Impairment) in Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
    • Places within the Support Centre are allocated by the Local Authority's Admissions Panel. Children can be referred to the Admissions Panel by their child's Speech and Language Therapist and Educational Psychologist.
    • There are currently 19 places across the school in this provision.
    • Children placed in this provision are predominantly based within the mainstream classroom alongside Specialist Teaching Assistants. They are withdrawn as necessary, to be supported by a Specialist Teacher, a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and skilled Teaching Assistants in order to deliver individualised programmes.
    • All staff have additional training in this field. We are noted as having exemplary practice in this specialism. 
    Based: Plymouth
    Childcare Type:
    • School
    Age ranges:
    • Primary school - 5 to 11 years
    Registered places: 315

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