The Plymouth Deaf Association (PDA) provide a variety of services with the aim of supporting the Deaf Community in Plymouth and aim to support Deaf people all over Devon and Cornwall.

We host a variety of social activities including sports and social clubs, church services, British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness classes taught by deaf tutors and a senior citizens club.

Contacts details

Address:Blake Lodge
Seymour Road
Telephone number: 07922408222

Deaf Access Card

Here at Blake Lodge Centre we have created a Deaf Access Card that Deaf people can use when accessing any appointment where they require a BSL/English interpreter. Examples of this could be a hospital or GP appointment, the Job Centre, DWP appointment. In fact it could actually be used for any appointment where you may need to have the organisation to provide an BSL/English interpreter.

The card can be shown to the reception or contact person at the organisation that you are Deaf and require an interpreter overtime you visit. You can also give the organisation the card to keep on your file so that they remember for the future.

If you would like one please do come to Blake Lodge on either a Wednesday or Saturday evening- they are FREE.

Based: Plymouth

Blake Lodge on either a Wednesday or Saturday evening- they are FREE.

  • 17 to 25 years old
  • 26 to 64 years old
  • 65+
  • Hearing impairments

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