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Death and Bereavement guidance

Plymouth City Council have information to help and guide you when someone sadly dies. 

How to register a death

You must register a death within five days of the death at the Register Office of the district where the death takes place. You must register a death within five days of the death. 
Register a death

How to register a stillbirth

You must register a stillbirth within 42 days of the birth at the register office of the district where the birth takes place. 
Register a stillbirth

How to correct a death registration

Anyone can apply can apply for a correction. However, the General Register Office will usually need a letter from the person who first gave the information of the death. 
Correct a death registration

The role of the coroner

Coroners are independent judicial officers, meaning no-one else can tell them or direct them as to what to do but they must follow the laws and regulations which apply in England and Wales. They are usually lawyers. 
Role of the coroner 

Burial and cremation in Plymouth

View the death and bereavement directory of local services and organisations

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